My life is like a tissue
between My Lord and me.
It is not I who choose from colours;
entirely single minded, it is He, who works.
Once a while it is He who weaves sorrow into it
and I, because of foolishness,
forget; He is the one who sees the front
and I, I see the rear end.

As the loom will rest
and the bobbin does not shoot,
The Lord will unfold
and He will clarify 'why'.
How needed these dark threads are
in the hand of the Weaver
apart from gold and silver threads.
This is how His plan becomes a reality.

(Corrie ten Boom)

A beautiful Greek-orthodox icon from the Byzantine tradition of Jesus Christ the great high priest.

The Almighty Lord sits on a throne as the Ruler of the universe, and in His left hand he holds an open gospel. With His right hand he blesses, the fingers of His hand form the Greece letters 'IC XC', the abbreviation of 'Jesus Christ'. At the four corners of the throne the four evangelicals are portrayed symbolically: Matthew as a young man, Marc as a lion, Luke as an ox and John as an eagle. All four of them have wings to portray their angelic nature and they all carry the Gospel Books. Christ is wearing garments, the crown or the miter and the stola of bishops as they occupy themselves in the church during the divine liturgy. Christ is the great High Priest of His Church.

The broidery has been inspired on this icon. Also, the back is visible.

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